Swimming in a mineral magnesium pool will give you an entirely new experience over a chlorine or saltwater pool. The magic begins with the feeling of swimming in it. Most importantly, we believe it is the best to try it out yourself since it is an experience on its own.

To begin with, the smell is different. If you close your eyes and imagine a standard swimming pool, what do you have in mind? …

Maybe the typical smell? The feeling of it?

It doesn’t smell as strong as a chlorine filled pool. After a swim in our magnesium pool, you won’t have the feeling of taking a long shower to clear yourself of sticky salt or the smell of chloride. Quite the converse, magnesium gently moisturises and soothes the skin. It is recommended to swim for approximately 30 minutes to reveal the first healing benefits.

Get to know about our magic magnesium pool and the many health benefits it offers you:

  • eases sore muscles
  • soothes the skin and leaves skin moisturised
  • leaves your hair moisturised
  • little to no irritation for your eyes
  • detoxes skin and body
  • increases quality of sleep
  • relieves stress
  • restores your body
  • reduces pore size ultimately leaving skin looking smoother
  • gentle on sensitive skin and many many more benefits!
If all that doesn’t sound convincing enough, visit us at our CBD location and see, smell and touch the magic itself! You can explore the pool individually or in one of our weekly Aqua Fitness classes. We are always welcoming new people and are looking forward to hearing from you.

You have already used our magnesium mineral pool?

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