The Health Hub Businesses


24 Hour Health Club in the heart of the CBD. Fully equiped Gym with Hammer Strength and Life Fitness gear, Les Mills Group Fitness classes, private Personal Training, semi private (small group) Personal Training, Swimming Pool, Steam Room, Sauna, Child Minding, Outdoor Bootcamp, Functional Training Zone and a Wellness Studio incorporating both Hot and Un-heated Yoga. Strand Fitness “The Health Club with it ALL!”

We will get you started on your career change now! When we began building our training organisation, we know that we didn’t want to offer just any fitness qualification. We wanted to offer the most diverse and realistic training opportunity that we could provide. Our training course is not a copy of what other organisations are doing. Our courses encourage the latest in fitness training practices to ensure that your training is inspired by the latest ideas that are out today. We encourage a high level of a hands on approach, which we believe is the best way of learning for the fitness industry. We also will teach sales techniques that will benefit you, and your future business as you move forward in your career.


Townsville Yoga Hub is the Forrest Yoga Hub of QLD offering a first class learning experience for students of all levels. If you are just starting out you can come to a specialised beginner class. If you want a little more we offer intermediate / open classes. If you really want to challenge your limits we offer advanced classes. We hold workshops throughout the year which are a great way to work on your technique, alignment or nailing poses you didn’t think possible before.


Strand Swim School offers a variety of classes, varying from babies, to adult learn to swim, to aqua aerobics in two location. The Tobruk Pool and the new Health Hub Location. If you would like to know anything else about our facility please contact us by clicking on the link below.

Our role as a Naturopath and a Nutritionist is to help identify, address and support any issues that may be hindering your progress. For example you may be experiencing hay fever, heartburn, bloating, poor sleep, stress, food intolerances, fatigue or you might not have any known conditions and just need some help deciding which diet style might suit you best. With so much info available on the Net, it is very confusing to know what is right and what is wrong. We can help clear all that up through one on one consultation.

There cannot be a one size fits all approach to diet – ‘one man’s food is another man’s poison”. Everybody is unique, therefore people have individual nutritional needs and require different diets. The correct dietary protocol, along with exercise and lifestyle management, will promote optimal health for you.

Our Brand new Cafe at the Health Hub is offering snacks, great coffee and meal preparation to meet all your fitness needs.

719 Flinders Street
Townsville Q 4810